SC Custom Choppers

  1.                          SC Choppers
  1.                                                                         Builder

  2.                                                                John A Sampson I
  3.                                           1-989-662-6230
  4.                                           618 W Midland Rd
  5.                                            Auburn,Mi 48611

What you can expect from an SC Chopper

All custom choppers designed for long travel and comfort

Large bore engines

6 speed transmissions on most models

Springer front ends for light maneuverability

Spoke wheels

Oil filter outside of case easy access

High output headlight

Front and rear fenders customized

Large gas tanks for 300 to 400 mile travels

King and queen seats and back rests

Softail configurations for smooth riding

Air ride shocks on some models

Paint schemes for gas and fender tins

Custom foot pegs front and back or floor boards

Custom mirrors and turn signals

V-twin  fans on all choppers..
V-Twin will never over heat  even if left to idle for an entire gas tank)

Leather accents added for customization

Chrome accents

Custom grips forward controls

Vance and Hinds, CFR, Harley  etc
Slash cuts.....  Bologna cut .....Fishtail)

Custom gas cap....... Heavy duty custom  spark plug wires.....Harley Davidson
primary spark plugs.....Synthetic Harley oil original

Custom builds available for an individual who has their own Idea on their Custom